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New Traeger Ironwood XL and Flatrock Griddle Likely Released Soon

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Traeger promised two new products in Q1 and we’re probably getting very close to them being released. We’re guessing we’re close because hardware stores across the country have been adding webpages for them with broken links. In the case of the new Ironwood, hardware stores are even prematurely putting them on the showroom floor. We’re speculating that the new products will be a new Ironwood pellet grill and a gas griddle called the Flatrock.

Update: The new Traeger Ironwood and the new Traeger Flatrock are released.

New Traeger Ironwood XL at Home Depot
New Traeger Ironwood XL at Home Depot

Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Ironwood XL

The new Ironwood is going to come in two different models. The Ironwood 885 will be replaced by the Ironwood XL, which is larger at 924 square inches. We’re guessing the smaller Ironwood will remain at 650 square inches.

New Traeger Ironwood XL Open at Home Depot
New Traeger Ironwood XL Open at Home Depot


As can be seen from the pictures, the Ironwood XL is retailing for $1,999.99 (check price) and the 650 square inch model will be $200 cheaper (check price). That’s consistent with the price difference on the current line-up.

Specs and Features

Traeger has stated their philosophy is they introduce new features on their flagship model and then trickle features down. That’s what they’re doing with the Ironwood. Many of the new features were first introduced last year on the new Timberline.

New Traeger Ironwood XL Pellet Hopper
New Traeger Ironwood XL Pellet Hopper
  • EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg for easy clean-up, no need for the shop vac
  • P.A.L Pop-And-Lock Accessory Rail
  • 10-year warranty, an increase from 7-years on the previous model
  • Touchscreen display
  • 22 lb hopper capacity on the Ironwood XL, we’re not sure on the regular Ironwood
New Traeger Ironwood XL Underneath
New Traeger Ironwood XL Underneath

We’re guessing it will come with Traeger’s Smart Combustion technology for easier heating and improved smoke production. We don’t know if the Ironwood will come with any MEATER thermometers.

Traeger Flatrock Griddle

While the new Ironwood looks like a great product, the new griddle will probably get the most attention. It’s Traeger’s only gas fueled product, and a departure from pellet grills.

Traeger Flatrock Griddle
Traeger Flatrock Griddle

Features and Specs

Much like the Ironwood, we’re still waiting on an announcement from Traeger on the Flatrock, so all of the information is speculative.

  • Retail price of $899.99
  • Cooking area of 18″ x 33″ or 594 square inches
  • 3-burners
  • TruZone temperature control that has 3 insulated and distinct cooking zones
  • FlameLock that blocks wind while cooking
  • P.A.L Pop-And-Lock Accessory Rail
  • U-shaped burners for even heat distribution
  • Two folding side shelves
  • EZ-Clean Keg for grease management
  • Hard lid with a hinge that keeps it in place when upright
  • Temp range of 350°F to 600°F

Griddle Battle

It will be an interesting year for griddles. Blackstone is going to have some serious competition with Weber recently announcing their new griddle, and now a new griddle from Traeger. We’ll see if Weber and Traeger can eat into Blackstone’s estimated 80% share of the griddle market.

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