Pitts & Spitts Are Developing a Built-In Pellet Grill and a Griddle

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Ryan Zboril, the owner of Pitts & Spitts, was on The BBQ Central Show yesterday. He covered a number of topics with host Greg Rempe, including some new products that they’re working on.

Beyond the new products, he noted that pellet grills make-up the majority of their business, but they’re also seeing an uptick in live fire cooking. That’s also a trend that Rick Martin from Texas Star Grill Shop mentioned in our interview with him.

Built-In Pellet Grill

For 2023, Ryan Zboril said that they are working on a true built-in pellet grill for outdoor kitchens. It will be all stainless, like other built-ins, and will have the ability to reach high temperatures. He said it will be 30″-36″ wide and 20″-24″ deep.

That could be a good move for Pitts & Spitts, because while pellet grills have exploded in popularity in recent years, the options are limited for outdoor kitchens. To name a few, recteq offers built-in capability for their rt-1070, and while the Traeger Timberline can be built-in, it’s not a stainless grill. On the more high-end, a popular option is Coyote’s 36″ stainless steel, built-in pellet grill that retails for $3,674.

When it comes to stainless steel, built-in pellet grills, that are made in the USA, I can’t think of any others.

Griddle Possibility

When asked about if Pitts & Spitts is considering making a flattop grill, Ryan Zboril replied that it’s something that they have thought about doing. Pitts & Spitts used to make gas grills, so it’s a knowledge base that they already have.

If they do end up making one for sale, it’s undecided if it will be for general sale or custom orders. He also said that going from concept to a product on their website would have a 10 – 12 month lead time, which would make it unlikely for 2023.

Any griddle they make will include lots of stainless steel, and the heavy-duty build that they’re known for. It also would be made in the USA, like all their products, as I witnessed when I toured their facility.


Pitts & Spitts has been great about incorporating customer feedback in their product innovations. That was the genesis of the Hybrid grill that was released last year. They also released the Smoke Cage recently to bring more smoke to their Maverick pellet grill line.

The BBQ Central Show

While I captured some of what was discussed on The BBQ Central Show, check out the episode for the full interview. They covered a lot of ground on both the product and business side of Pitts & Spitts.


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