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Nexgrill Launches Another Tabletop Pizza Oven

Nexgrill has been on a tear releasing new products with the Oakford 1150, the 1150 Pro combo grill, a vertical pellet smoker, and even a new brand. While we tracked the release of the Nexgrill Ora pizza oven from trademark filing to release, Nexgrill also just released another pizza oven. The new Nexgrill 12 inch tabletop propane gas pizza oven is not as sleek looking as the Ora, but it has a few features that we prefer.

What’s in a Name?

Unlike the Ora, the new pizza oven doesn’t really have a name. On Nexgrill’s website it’s called “12 in. Tabletop Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven”, which doesn’t roll off the tongue. While it’s not active yet on Home Depot’s website, the product URL might refer to it as Volten. We’ll see what they end up calling it, if anything, when it’s officially released.

Specs and Features

  • Sold exclusively at Home Depot
  • 12 inch, manually rotating stone for easy, even cooking
  • Rear smoker box for flavor
  • Reaches 900°F in 20 minutes with 15,000 BTUs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Electronic ignitor for easy starts
  • Built-in temperature gauge

This Pizza Oven vs. The Nexgrill Ora

With Nexgrill releasing two pizza ovens, it’s natural to compare the two. While pricing isn’t released yet for this pizza oven, we’re guessing it will be a little more than the Ora. Both pizza ovens have convenient rotating stones, the same temperature capabilities and a built-in smoker box. This pizza oven is rated at 1,000 BTUs more than the Ora. It also has a built-in temperature gauge, although we prefer to use an infrared thermometer to check various parts of the stone.

We prefer the styling of the Ora, even though the stainless steel on this one is more durable. A big edge for this pizza oven though over the Ora, is it has an electronic ignitor. That’s a huge plus for lighting in cold or windy conditions, and ultimately why we’d pick this one over the Ora. You really can’t go wrong with either though if your budget only supports the Ora.

Familiar Design

While this pizza oven is new for Nexgrill, it looks to be the same as the Vida by PADERNO pizza oven that is for sale in Canada. We looked into the company PADERNO, and it’s Canada based, with seemingly no ownership by Nexgrill’s parent company Global Leisure.

Why there’s two of the same pizza ovens by different companies is probably one of two reasons. It could be that they both contracted with the same overseas manufacturer. This happens sometimes in the outdoor cooking space. The other option is that Global Leisure white labeled the pizza oven to PADERNO. Global Leisure / Nexgrill offers this service and has created grills for KitchenAid, for example.

This doesn’t take away from the functionality or value of this pizza oven, it’s just an interesting part of the supply chain.

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