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Nexgrill Developing Pizza Oven with Rotating Stone and Smoker Box

As evidenced by Ooni’s financial results, pizza ovens are a category that have exploded in popularity in recent years. It appears likely that Nexgrill is expanding into that category with the Nexgrill Ora Pizza Oven that will be sold at Home Depot.

Nexgrill Ora Pizza Oven

Nexgrill filed for a trademark this month on the name Ora, which encompasses pizza ovens with various fuel sources. Nexgrill sells many of their grills as retailer exclusives through Home Depot and HomeDepot.com.

It appears that this will be the case with the Nexgrill Ora, because there is an orphaned product page for the Ora on Home Depot Canada’s website. The image (featured in this article) from HomeDepot.ca is still a rendering, but it gives full product details on a very feature rich pizza oven.


Nexgrill has been investing in innovation recently with their Oakford pellet grill line and the Neevo smart gas grill. The Ora is no exception, as it has features that set it apart from what’s on the market.

  • 12 inch pizza oven with a total of 123 square inches of cooking space
  • 14,000 BTUs of cooking power on propane
  • Reaches 900 degrees F within 20 minutes
  • Integrated smoker box that can be used with pellets or wood chips for additional flavor
  • Manual 12 inch rotating pizza stone to make even cooking easy
  • Cast aluminum construction for durability and heat retention

The smoker box adds versatility to the Nexgrill pizza oven not just for pizzas, but because you can add smoke to other food you cook in the pizza oven as well.

This looks to be a great pizza oven, so we hope that the production version lines up with the rendering and features. With how Nexgrill is usually very competitive on price, this could be a great buy compared to Ooni or other pizza ovens on the market.

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