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Pizza Oven Company Ooni Reports $255 Million in 2021 Revenue

Last week we got a peek at pizza oven maker Gozney’s value, not we get a taste of what competitor Ooni is doing. According to financial highlights released on yahoo!, Ooni reported a 264% year-over-year increase in revenue for 2021 with £208 million ($255 million).

The last year has seen explosive growth as we’ve connected with more and more people around the world who can now experience the joy of making amazing pizza at home.

Darina Garland, co-founder and co-chief executive

Ooni, who recently announced planned expansion into Australia, is headquarted in West Lothian, Scotland, with offices in Austin, TX, Shanghai, China and Bonn, Germany. They sell their pizza ovens and accessories in over 90 countries. Ooni has been expanding their product offerings most recently by venturing into pizza dough delivery.

To support their growth, their number of employees has increased over 500% since January 2020. They are now at a roster of 313 people around the world.

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