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Big Green Egg Partners With Smokey Bones Restaurant on Sweepstakes

Kamado grill maker Big Green Egg has partnered with the Smokey Bones restaurant chain on a summer sweepstakes. The promotion, called the Smokey Bones’ Summer Grilling EGG’cellence with Big Green Egg, has a grand prize of a large Big Green Egg grill with a Smokey Bones Grilling Kit and “EGGin’: David Rose Cooks on the Big Green Egg” book.

We are thrilled to partner with Big Green Egg to present this egg’citing giveaway. Summer is synonymous with grilling and Big Green Egg brings a high standard to this beloved cooking process. We are delighted to add more fun to the season with these great prizes that feature some of the best of our two brands.

Cole Robillard, Chief Marketing Officer for Smokey Bones

We like the Big Green Egg and Smokey Bones, so we’ll look past the peak dad joke puns in the marketing. To learn more about the sweepstakes go here.

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