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Ooni Launches Grocery Bundles for Different Pizza Styles

Since launching frozen pizza dough balls for sale earlier this year, pizza oven company Ooni has been expanding their grocery offerings. Now they are making it even easier for consumers to make different styles of pizza in their popular ovens with grocery bundles.

The Ooni grocery bundles include ingredients to make the pizza dough and the sauce (except aromatics), just add cheese and toppings. The benefit to the copnsumer of bundling ingredients from Ooni’s store is they discount it. There are a variety of bundles, including the following pizza styles.

Ooni isn’t the only pizza oven maker to get into the grocery business. Solo Stove launched Pi Supply for its Pi pizza oven, offering frozen dough, sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Consumables are a popular area of expansion for outdoor cooking companies recently as they’ve experienced declines in the sales of hard goods.

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