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Solo Stove Releases Solo Stove 2.0 With Removable Ash Pan

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Solo Stove has a track record of listening to their customers. They wanted a way to cook on their fire pit, Solo Stove released the Hub and Cast Iron Grill. They wanted a way to stay warmer with their fire pit, Solo Stove released the Heat Deflector. Now, Solo Stove is listening to their customers once again by releasing the Solo Stove 2.0 (we reviewed it).

Customers wanted an easier way to clean out their fire pit, so the Solo Stove 2.0 has a removeable ash pan. This allows you to empty the ash without picking the Solo Stove up and turning it upside down. To access the ash pan, you take out the removeable base plate. You can see how in the video below from Solo Stove’s website.

The design update is across all sizes of the Solo Stove. In a press release, Solo Stove had the following to say about to first design change since 2016.

Since the initial launch in 2016, Solo Stove has been able to watch a community come to life around our Fire Pits. We are very humbled to see good moments, memories, and goodwill being created with the help of a warm fire. We are inspired by this community every day, and will always take their feedback as one of the biggest drivers of innovation and improvement in our product line.

Below are the suggested retail price for each model, but click the link to go to the product page to check the price because Solo Stove always is running sales.

It’s great to see continued product updates from Solo Stove. They have seen increased pressure in the marketplace from companies with similar designs and from an innovative electric fire pit that’s also a smokeless design.

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