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The week started out with some major news. Weber announced they are moving on from their CEO, lowered forecasted earnings and announced possible cost cutting measures. Axios wrote a great article on the situation and leveraged some of our analysis for it.

Camp Chef’s parent company released earnings this week and is seeing the same headwinds as Weber. One interesting bright spot though is camp stove sales are up 30% for them. They also announced they have a “game changing” product launch planned for October 1st.

A patent was released that showed Oklahoma Joe’s has developed a pellet/offset smoker combo. This innovative smoker tackles the complaint that pellet grills don’t produce the enough smoke flavor. We’ll see if this ever makes it to market, but it’s pretty cool idea.

We ended the week with a review of the BioLite FirePit+. It’s a neat smokeless fire pit that has variable speed air jets to control the fire and smoke. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can also charge your phone. To top it off it comes with a grill top for cooking outdoors. We’ll do a full cooking accessory review for it in the coming weeks.

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