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Camp Chef Product Launch Announced, Camp Stove Sales Up 30%

Camp Chef’s parent company Vista Outdoor released earnings yesterday for their quarter ended June 2022. It was more of the same financially with talks about macroeconomic headwinds, tough comps from stimulus checks, etc. Beyond the financials, there were 3 key takeaways for the Camp Chef brand.

New Camp Chef Product

We’re always excited about new products, so it was great to hear Vista Outdoor CEO Chris Metz announce one. While no details were given, there is a “game changing launch planned for October 1st”. Vista Outdoor’s competitor American Outdoor Brands is also planning new Grilla Grills products for the fall. Of course, we’ll cover any new information related to that.

Camp Chef Stove Sales Up 30%

A bright spot for Camp Chef is their stove sales were up 30% year-over-year. The thesis behind this is, as we’re seeing with travel, consumers are spending money on experiences. Part of that is a continued interest in camping, which leads to more camp stove sales. I’m sure other outdoor cooking manufacturers are seeing the same thing. It’ll be interesting to see if that trend translates to more experience based product offerings over the next year.

Apex Grill is Selling Well

The dual fuel Camp Chef Apex grill was recently released after a long wait. According to Vista Outdoor, sales have exceeded expectations and the grill sold out in the first week. That must mean that despite the premium price point, consumers see the value in the innovation on the grill.

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