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Solo Stove Cinder Indoor Fire Pit is Released, with TerraFlame Vibes

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Solo Stove expanded their reach earlier this year with the acquisition of indoor fire pit and decor company TerraFlame. For the first time, Solo Stove has released an indoor fire pit that appears to leverage that acquisition.

Cinder Tabletop Bowl

The new Cinder Tabletop Bowl from Solo Stove retails for $49.99 (check price) and uses smokeless gel fuel for the fire. This makes it safe to use indoors. It has concrete construction, which looks great, makes it resistant to tipping, while also being robust enough to use outdoors.

The little fire pit is finished-off with copper accents, and a heat resistant bamboo base. It’s 6 inches in diameter, with a height of 4.25 inches and weighs a little under 6 pounds.

It has a similar aesthetic to the TerraFlame S’more’s Bowl, just in a smaller package. It’s also fueled with the same gel fuel canister.

Uses for the Cinder

Solo Stove has been directly responsible for a 248% growth in s’more consumption annually. Ok, we just made that number up, but Solo Stove has some great products for s’mores making. Enough so that Hershey, Jet-Puffed, and Honey Maid should send Solo Stove residual checks.

The Cinder is no different, in that it’s perfect for s’mores making. It just brings the process inside so it’s easier and less weather dependent. This is in addition to providing a nice dancing flame ambiance.

New Solo Stove Products

Solo Stove has been like an advent calendar of new products lately. In addition to the Cinder, they released a Heat Deflector for their Mesa tabletop fire pit, introduced metallic colors to their full-sized fire pits, launched a new pizza oven cart, and added a larger surround. Be sure to check out their other products.

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