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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 12/10/22

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College Bowl season is almost here which means it’s time to get your tailgating in before it’s over. If you need a new grill for it, your chance to get a Traeger Tailgater might be ending. We found that Traeger gave up their trademark for it, which could signal that they’re moving on from the 5+ year old grill.

We also looked at what the top tailgating schools are and LSU took the title, according to twitter data. In the pros, the Lions have the top drinking fan base, so we’re the best at something.

Weber announced their earnings release date for next Wednesday. It should be an exciting conference call. Hopefully we get more detail on if they’re going to go private or if they’re continuing to take on more debt.

Over at Vista Outdoor they presented at an analyst conference and talked about how it will be 2 – 3 more quarters until inventory levels return to normal. They blamed some of that on Traeger and Weber flooding the market from going public.

They also touched on the impacts of inflation they’re seeing, an improvement in inbound shipping, and how innovation allows them to take price. On a different note, they’re continuing their charitable grant program this year and announced the recipients for 2023.

Ooni released a pizza steel for your kitchen oven this week. It’s supposed to give a good crust, much like their outdoor ovens. It’s an interesting expansion away from outdoor ovens.

When it comes to other new Ooni products, a trademark came out for the Ooni Volt, which we speculate will be an electric pizza oven. A pizza oven could be a good application for an electric fuel source. Also, a pizza steel like they just released may make sense to use in an electric pizza oven rather than a stone.

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