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Is Traeger Discontinuing the Tailgater Portable Pellet Grill?

Traeger CEO Jeremy Andrus said on the last earnings call that there were two new grills coming out in Q1 2023. Could one of them be a replacement for the Tailgater portable pellet grill?

Traeger Tailgater is Getting Old

The Tailgater was released over five years ago and is a portable offering, as the name would imply. It has a collapsible leg design so that it’s a freestanding grill, but also can be made compact for taking places.

Being that the Tailgater is over fiver years old at this point, it has some old tech. Unlike the PID controllers that are standard on Traeger models over the last few years, it comes with an older Digital Arc controller.

Dead Trademark

It would appear from recent trademark filings, that Traeger has abandoned the Tailgater name. Both the wordmarks “Traeger Tailgater” and “Tailgater” are dead and abandoned at this point.

It’s unlikely that Traeger would do this for a grill that they planned on selling or even improving with a new model.

New Trademark

As we reported before, Traeger filed for the name “Trailhead” earlier this year. The good or service associated with that name in the filing is a grill. While it’s speculation, the name Trailhead would logically be associated with a portable grill. You wouldn’t drag a Timberline out to a hiking trail.

This is all rumor and speculation, but connecting the dots, the Traeger Trailhead could be leaving the market to make way for their new portable grill, the Trailhead.

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