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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 11/26/22

The biggest story this week is Aaron Franklin is building a Certified Dealer Network for Franklin Barbecue Pits. I talked with him about the budding distribution network and his expansion plans. I also got Rick Martin’s thoughts, from Texas Star Grill Shop, the first dealer to carry the pits.

I was down in Austin earlier this month and had the opportunity to check out Franklin Barbecue Pits HQ. They have a great team and they put together a really beautiful offset smoker. I’ll have an article in the coming weeks about the design and build of the pits.

In other news, if trademark filings are any indicator, Blackstone is continuing to plan a push into outdoor products outside of griddles. They previously filed for a trademark on fire pits and patio heaters, now they filed one for things like chairs, tables and canopies.

Weber teamed up with Operation BBQ Relief to grill 4,000 Thanksgiving meals for Marillac St. Vincent in Chicago. It’s was a great partnership ahead of the holiday to help those in need.

CookOut News was off Thursday and Friday, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, check out our interview with the CEO of the Good Charcoal Company from last spring. If you don’t know they’re story they make charcoal from an invasive species in Namibia and also give back to local communities with BBQ food trucks.

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