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Blackstone May Expand to Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

Griddle maker Blackstone may be expanding beyond griddles in the near future. If their latest trademark filing is any indication, they’re looking at creating Blackstone branded outdoor patio tables, chairs, tents, canopies and pavilions.

This is Blackstone’s second trademark recently that expands into outdoor lifestyle, beyond cooking. Previously, they filed for a trademark for outdoor patio heating and fire pits.

While we don’t know the financials of Blackstone, as their IPO blew up earlier this year, it’s a safe assumption that griddle sales aren’t what they were last year. They may be looking at other complimentary areas to expand the business. Home Depot noted that their patio business just turned in it’s strongest quarter.

Blackstone should still also have a pizza oven in the hopper for release at some point. They said it would be a 2022 release, but there’s only a month left in the year.

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