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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 10/22/22

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Solo Stove is on a quest to release new products to the market. They’ve already had four new launches since August. This week they released a pellet fueled patio heater. It’s a nice looking product, albeit pricey. It helps them expand their offerings and extend the outdoor season.

Another product they recently release is the Mesa tabletop fire pit. We tested it out and if you’re looking for some ambiance or want a steady diet of s’mores, this is perfect for you. Their pre-cut mini oak firewood and Color Packs, go great with it.

Weber is working on what could be big enhancement to their gas grills. We found a patent they filed on a dual-burner assembly. The way it works is one burner tube provides very low heat and the other provides high heat. They work together for improved temperature range from low heat for smoking to high heat searing.

As we previewed last week, the Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox pizza oven was released. This limited edition version is all matte black, which is a nice look. It has the same performance as the original Roccbox however.

If you’re looking for a grill that’s also a showpiece, Vilicci grills are coming to the US. Their flagship is made from over 400 pounds of stainless steel, with 90% of it being CNC machined. As someone that’s spent time with a milling machine, it’s impressive to look at.

Traeger announced that they’re going to release Q3 earnings on November 9th, after the market closes. We’re excited to dig into the data they provide from the back half of the summer.

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