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New Traeger ModiFIRE Sear Grates Bring Searing to their Pellet Grills

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In an effort to keep bringing better searing to pellet grills, Traeger released new ModiFIRE Sear Grates for their pellet grills. These anodized aluminum cooking grates have one side for traditional grill marks, and a flat side for searing a whole surface.

Retailing for $99.99 (check price), the design is very similar to that of the cooking grates from GrillGrate. They’ve been used for a long time on the competitive steak cooking circuit for getting perfect grill marks. GrillGrates have also been a popular trick for backyard cooks trying to get good grill marks on their pellet grill.

Thermal Conductivity

The reason that the ModiFIRE Sear Grates work well for getting a sear is the thermal conductivity of aluminum. It’s significantly higher than traditional steel grates. It’s also much better than even cast iron (and lighter), another popular trick for searing on a pellet grill.

Traeger ModiFIRE Sear Grates - Burgers on Griddle Side
Traeger ModiFIRE Sear Grates – Burgers on Griddle Side

Beyond being a good material for cooking grates, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is why companies like PK Grills make their whole grill out of it. Aluminum is also good for rust resistance, which is another great property to have for outdoor cooking applications.

Features and Use

The dimensions of the Sear Grate is 18.25″ x 11.5″ x 0.75″. Traeger says it works best with their grills that have ModiFIRE grates, like the one found on the latest Timberline and Ironwood, but it will work on other grills too. Just check the dimensions against the grate dimensions on your grill to see if it will fit.

You may have to turn it sideways to use as opposed to being on the left most grate if you don’t have ModiFIRE grates. It should still work reasonably well though. Traeger also says to crank your grill up to 475˚ F for optimal searing.

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