Blackstone Releases New Omnivore Griddles – Better Features and Styling

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Blackstone just released two new griddles for 2024 that feature the latest in griddling technology. They both have their new Omnivore griddle plate and are loaded with features to make griddling more convenient.

Omnivore Griddle Plate

Before, if you wanted the latest griddle plate technology, you had to buy through a partnership with Lowe’s. Even Blackstone’s new pellet grill and griddle combo is a Lowe’s exclusive. Now, the newest griddles on their website have the Omnivore griddle plate.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Omnivore Plate
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Omnivore Plate

While a griddle plate may be thought of as just a sheet of steel, Blackstone’s Omnivore plate has much more design than that. It has wind guards that extend below it to keep your burners going. It also is designed to handle thermal shock, which is when you throw cold or frozen food on a hot burner. The plate will recover quickly and you won’t have to worry about warping.

Blackstone Omnivore 36 Inch Plate with 4 Zones
Blackstone Omnivore 36 Inch Plate with 4 Zones

The Omnivore plate has more even heat distribution across the surface, while being more efficient by using less propane. You’ll notice this while you cook, but also the BTU ratings on the Omnivore griddles often are lower without degradation in performance.

Iron Forged 36″ Griddle

The more expensive of the two new griddles released is the Iron Forged griddle. It comes with the Omnivore plate and a solid hood to keep it clean. It retails for $649 (check price), but Blackstone runs sales, so check the price.

Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle on a Patio
Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle on a Patio


  • Retail price of $649 (check price)
  • 36″ griddle plate for cooking a variety of food at once
  • 4-burner design for zoned cooking
  • Weighs 130 lbs, but it’s on 4 swivel casters to make it easy to roll around
  • Electric ignition for easy starts

Convenience Features

What consistently makes Blackstone the gold standard in griddling are all the features that make cooking easier. The Iron Forged is a great example of this because it has everything you could want to transform this from a griddle to a cooking station.

Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle with Shelf Extended
Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle with Shelf Extended
  • The left side shelf extends out to reveal even more prep area than a traditional side shelf
  • Has a paper towel holder for easy access, while conserving shelf space
  • Includes a garbage bag holder, which is a feature we love for being able to keep the prep areas clean without leaving the griddle
  • The side shelfs have additional storage in the form of hooks, cubbies, and a rail system


The Iron Forged griddle is one of the best looking Blackstone griddles to date. Many of their products focus more on function than form, but this one has both. The hood has a cool industrial look to it, while also being reinforced for strength.

Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle Gas Knobs
Blackstone Iron Forged Griddle Gas Knobs

The front of the griddle frame has some two-tone styling, rather than the standard black metal. Finally, the knobs have been upgraded from basic gas knobs to look much more sleek.

Omnivore Griddle W/ Hood

If your more into function over style, the other griddle Blackstone released might be the one for you. Named the 36″ Omnivore Griddle w/ Hood, you can get all of the features of the Iron Forged griddle, but without some of the styling, for $50 cheaper.

Blackstone 36 Inch Omnivore Griddle
Blackstone 36 Inch Omnivore Griddle

Retailing for $599 (check price), this griddle has a more conventional looking hood, gas knobs that are simpler, and basic looking frame. It’s not as good looking as the Iron Forged, but everything else is the same. The only other difference we can spot is this one has a bottle opener, while the Iron Forged griddle doesn’t.


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