Blackstone Releases Their First Ever Pellet Grill, and it’s a Griddle Combo

We’ve entered exciting new territory for Blackstone. Up to this point they’ve been a griddle company. Now, they’ve entered the pellet grill market with the Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo. It’s a product we’ve been speculating about, so it’s great to see it come to life.

At Blackstone Products, we are passionate about innovation and enhancing the outdoor cooking experience. Our Griddle Pellet Combo represents the culmination of years of research and development, combining the convenience of pellet grilling with the versatility of a griddle that Blackstone is known for. We’re proud to introduce this groundbreaking unit to our customers.

This new design reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of outdoor cooking technology while maintaining our customer-first mindset. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a backyard enthusiast, the Griddle Pellet Combo opens up a world of possibilities in outdoor cooking.

Roger Dahle, CEO of Blackstone

The Blackstone Pellet Grill and Griddle combo retails for $1,199 (check price), and it’s available exclusively at Lowe’s.

Pellet Grill Side

The pellet grill that Blackstone designed for the combo grill has the features that you’d want from a pellet grill. It has a PID controller that can be monitored and controlled with your smartphone. It uses both WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless communication, so you can use it anywhere.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Controller
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Controller

The pellet hopper has a capacity of 20 lbs, which is pretty large for a pellet grill this size. You’ll easily be able to do a long brisket cook on just one hopper of pellets with no risk of running out.

Top Rack System

To optimize the space in the pellet grill, this has a neat top rack system. You can transition it from a half shelf, to a full shelf, or even tuck it away for larger proteins. It saves you from having to take the cooking grates in and out of the grill.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Top Rack Design
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Top Rack Design

Other Features

The Blackstone pellet grill has some other features to help make cooking easier. It has folding side and front shelves for counter space when you need it.

It has a roll-back hood design on the cook chamber, which accomplishes a couple things. It makes it so there isn’t a need for a chimney, because smoke evenly rolls across your food and out. It also gives a wider opening to your food in the cook chamber than other grills with a tradition lid design.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Dimensions
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Dimensions

The grill has a surface area of 884 square inches, which quite a bit of space for even large families. The controller has the ability to have 4 meat probes connected to it for cooking a variety of proteins at once.

Griddle Side

Like the pellet grill half, the griddle also features Blackstone’s newest technology. The griddle is a 22″ unit and it has their new Omnivore griddle plate.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Omnivore Plate
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Omnivore Plate

The Omnivore plate has better efficiency than other plates, so it takes less BTUs to heat up, saving you propane. It also has a built-in wind guard, and gives better heat distribution across the griddle surface.

Another area that it shines is with its best-in-class thermal shock stability. That means that when you drop cold food, or a frozen back of hash brown on the griddle, it can handle it without sacrificing performance.

Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Cooking
Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo Cooking

The griddle is a two burner design, giving two zones to play with when cooking. Since it’s a combo grill, it’s also ideal for reverse searing. That’s where you cook a steak to almost done on the grill half, then put it on the griddle to finish it with a nice sear.

What’s Next

It’s exciting to see Blackstone continue to innovate their product line-up and enter the pellet grill space. The Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo is great first step, offering two of the fastest growing outdoor cooking methods in one. We can’t wait to see what Blackstone develops next.


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