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Gozney Announces the Arc Pizza Oven, a Step Up From the Roccbox

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Gozney has worked to fill out their pizza oven product line-up over the past year. What was before just the Roccbox on the low end and the Dome on the high end, now has a couple ovens in the middle in terms of price and capability.

It started when Gozney released the Dome S1 last October, a more streamlined version of the Dome. Come this March 6th, they’ll also have an oven between the Dome S1 and the Roccbox. That oven is the Arc, and the larger mouthed Arc XL.

Features and Specs

With an appearance like the popular Dome, the Arc and Arc XL are the same in terms of features and performance. The only difference is the Arc XL is a couple inches larger to accommodate 16″ pizzas, as opposed to 14″ in the smaller Arc.

  • Retail price of $699 (check price) for the Arc, and $799 (check price) for the Arc XL
  • Max temperature of 950ºF
  • 20 mm (0.79 inches) stone floor for good heat retention and a crispy crust on a pizza
  • The Arc weighs in at about 47 lbs, while the Arc XL is at about 58 lbs
  • The internal dimensions of the Arc is 14.8″ W x 18.1″ D x 6.8″ H, while the XL is 16.8″ W x 20.3″ D x 6.8″ H
  • Runs on propane

Lateral Gas Burner

A key difference between the Arc from Gozney’s other dome shaped pizza ovens is the Arc has a lateral gas burner. This causes the fire to burn up the side of the oven, then follow the dome shape of the oven to the other side.

The way they engineered the burner in conjunction with the oven gives more even heat from side to side. The burner also takes up less space in the oven when compared to their other propane models.

Digital Temperature Gauge

Another nice feature that the Arc has is a digital temperature gauge in the front of the oven. This lets you know your stone temperature while cooking, so you can have the perfect amount of heat. It also saves you from having to buy an infrared thermometer.

Front Venting

Unlike the Dome and Dome S1, the Arc ditches the little smoke stack for a vent in the front of the oven. This gives the Arc a sleek look, all while helping to keep black soot out of the oven. It also has the unintended benefit of giving the pizza chef a little warmth on cool days.


When the Arc is released there will be a number of accessories available for purchase to make it more useable. Like the Dome and Roccbox, it will have a Mantel to give you a little bit more room on flexibility from the oven.

There also will be two different stand options that you can see in the featured picture for this article. There is the stand that is on four casters, with two side tables, for a dedicated home for the Arc. For those that want to use it on an existing surface, a smaller booster stand will be available to add some storage and put the oven at a more comfortable height.

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