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Gozney Releases the Dome S1 Pizza Oven – A Cheaper, Streamlined Dome

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While there are many backyard pizza ovens on the market, the Gozney Dome stands out among the pack. The only downside of it, is the cost. Gozney just made owning a Dome a little more achievable with the release of a less expensive, streamlined Dome S1.

Features and Specs

The Gozney Dome S1 retails for $1,499 (check price), which is $200 less than the wood only Dome, and $500 less than the gas and wood dual fueled dome. The dynamic oven will get to 950° F, just like the Dome, and will cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds. It also has the following features.

Gozney Dome S1 Thermometer
Gozney Dome S1 Thermometer
  • Comes with a dock, which is the part underneath the oven with the controls on it
  • Has a digital thermometer to monitor oven temps
  • Removable cordierite stone for easier cleaning
  • Electric ignition
  • Large mouth for cooking a variety of different food

Gozney Dome vs. Dome S1

Anyone looking at buying a Dome S1 will likely compare it to the regular dome. We’ve compiled a list of the main differences between the two ovens.


  • The Dome S1 is just propane fueled
  • The Dome S1 has a different digital thermometer, without the temperature probe ports
  • The Dome S1 has a removable pizza stone, rather than built-in
  • The Dome S1 is 21 lbs lighter
Inside the Mouth of the Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven
Inside the Mouth of the Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven

Features the Dome Has that the Dome S1 Doesn’t

  • Knob for adjustable air ventilation
  • Steam injector for different cooking methods
  • Quick-connect accessory port for other accessories like a pellet burner
  • A metal band that wraps the middle of the exterior of the oven
  • An Olive color option for the wood fueled Dome


The Gozney Dome S1 is a very versatile oven, just like it’s more expensive sibling. While the lower price brings less features, you wouldn’t miss them for cooking pizzas. If you plan on frequently cooking a variety of food, I’d stick with the original Dome.

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