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Is Weber Developing a Modular Table Called Weber Works?

We’ve seen an uptick in the number of outdoor cooking companies releasing prep tables recently. Some examples are the various tables from Ooni, and the cart released by Char-Broil. It appears that Weber wants a piece of that market and may develop their own.

Weber filed for a new trademark for the name Weber Works, which appears to be for a side table. It also covers a clip-on grill light, but it’s mainly focused on a storage and utility cart.

The relevant section of the filing says it’s for “Grilling and cooking accessories, namely, grilling tools, cooking tools, tool hooks, condiment dispensers, tool mat, trash bag holder, and the like; side tables, namely, a modular side table system with removable inserts”.

It then goes on to include “Removable inserts for a modular side table system, namely, cutting boards, holders for cutting boards, storage bins, basins, serving trays, utensil holders, utensil caddies, tool caddies, condiment caddies, table top inserts, food preparation containers, and the like; Cooking accessories, namely, warming racks, paper towel holders, storage caddies, beverage container holder, and the like”.

I use a basic outdoor prep table myself, so I can see the usefulness and what they could be creating. A modular system that can have a number of different storage options and accessories, would be especially helpful for the whole cooking process.

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