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Ooni Releases a Folding Table for their Pizza Ovens

One thing customers realize when unpack their pizza oven is they don’t have a table or counter to put it on. Companies have been addressing that by releasing carts for their pizza ovens. Now, Ooni has released a more compact solution with a folding table.

With a retail price of $249.99 (check price), the Ooni Folding Table makes it easy to setup and then pack away your pizza night. The work surface is commercial-grade stainless steel for durability and easy, sanitary clean-up, while the frame is powder-coated carbon steel.

The bottom of the folding table has a shelf for storage and one side has three hooks for your pizza making accessories. It weighs in at just under 23 lbs.

It’ll fit all Ooni pizza ovens, but they recommend using Ooni Shoes if you’re cooking on the Koda 16.

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