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Blackstone to Expand into Portable Fire Pits?

Blackstone Logo

It’s been a bumpy summer for Blackstone Products, the company behind the popular Blackstone Griddles. They were set to IPO through a SPAC merger, but much like sales in outdoor cooking, it fell apart. We’re still waiting for the updated Blackstone pizza oven launch, but they may have a fire pit or outdoor heater in the hopper as well.

According to a trademark filing, Blackstone trademark their logo for use on outdoor heating products. Specifically mentioned in the filings is gas fire tables, gas patio heaters, portable fireplaces, gas fire columns, portable gas and wood burning fire pits, free-standing gas and wood burning fire pits.

There has been a ton of growth in that area with the popularity of the Solo Stove and innovative products like the BioLite FirePit+. It would make sense to expand into that area if Blackstone is seeing softness in growth from griddles.

While there is a patent out there for a Blackstone pellet grill, all of their products currently run off gas. That leads us to believe that any outdoor heater or Blackstone fire pit would also run off gas, but that’s pure speculation.

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