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WhistlePig x Solo Stove Partner on CampStock Whiskey – Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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Perfect for drinking around a smokeless campfire, WhistlePig and Solo Stove have teamed up on the limited-edition release of CampStock wheat whiskey. With notes of citrus, freshly toasted bread crust, vanilla, and a proof of 86, it’s smooth drinking for the summer months.

WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey and Mesa XL
WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey and Mesa XL

CampStock isn’t just a partnership in name, Solo Stove fire pits were actually used in the whiskey-making process. The barrels used to finish the whiskey were charred with smokeless fires roaring in Solo Stove fire pits.

We’ve experimented with Wheat Whiskey as part of our FarmStock series and other limited editions. CampStock takes the soft and smooth wheat profile to a new level with 85% Wheat whiskey, and an innovative Solo Stove Bonfire toasted barrel finish. No cooperage had ever used a Solo Stove on their barrel toasting platform, but Independent Stave Company was up for it, and the result was incredible.

Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Blender

After the bottle process was completed, the barrels were broken down for limited edition Whiskey Barrel Firewood from Solo Stove. It’s part of the fun kit that you can buy the whiskey in, starting today.

WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey Kit in Box
WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey Kit in Box

Kit Features

Retailing for $249.99 (check price), the kit includes the following.

  • Bottle of WhistlePig CampStock whiskey
  • Matching Solo Stove Mesa XL tabletop fire pit
  • Two glasses etched with Solo Stove and WhistlePig
  • Box of wood from the charred whiskey barrels used in finishing the CampStock
  • Ice cube mold that makes flame shaped ice
WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey Kit
WhistlePig x Solo Stove CampStock Whiskey Kit

Perfect for Father’s Day

The first thing I said when opening the kit is that it’s a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Everything in it is cohesive and done really well. From the imaging on the box, to the products themselves, it’s a unique set that the dad in your life will enjoy.

If your dad doesn’t already have a smokeless fire pit, there are other fire pit options with the collab. The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit works great. It just may not come together in the cool packaging.

Great Collaboration

The WhistlePig and Solo Stove CampStock whiskey collaboration is a collab done right. It’s not surface level, there’s a nice story and place for all the contents of the kit. From the way to whiskey was finished with Solo Stove fire pits, to the inclusion of the barrel pieces, and of course having a special fire pit with everything you need to enjoy the whiskey. It’s A+ all around.

I think the only downside for me is I’m someone that likes to save things, so there’s no way I’m burning the whiskey barrel pieces. I’ll have to find a place for them in my garage packed with grilling stuff, because I like the story behind it too much and enjoy smelling the sweet whiskey soaked char.

At Solo Stove, we’re passionate about fostering connections and crafting memorable experiences that ignite around the fire. This partnership embodies our commitment to bringing people together, infusing the embracing glow of a crackling fire with the bold taste of premium whiskey. It’s  our invitation to spark conversations, share experiences, and forge enduring connections.

Luana Bumachar, Chief Marketing Officer at Solo Stove

Solo Stove and WhistlePig are both great at doing collaborations in general. As Solo Stove has evolved from a fire pit brand into an outdoor lifestyle brands, they’ve done some notable collabs from handmade axes to outdoor blankets.

WhistlePig is the go-to whiskey brand for collabs. They had a great one last summer with Pit Viper. It makes sense too, they’re a brand that is willing to experiment, they don’t have multiple generations of whiskey making that they have to uphold, and they are independent, so they’re not owned by a big, stuffy corporation.

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