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Broil King to Release a Dual-Fuel, Connected Kamado Grill

Broil King released their iQue platform earlier this year on their Regal and Imperial lines of gas grills. It allows users to set a temperature on their gas grill or their phone for an easy, connected grilling experience.

That wasn’t all they had planned for iQue, because now their bringing it to an innovative Kamado style grill called Keg Kamado iQue. Much like on the gas grill format, you can set your temperature on the controller or phone, and let the grill do the rest.

We first saw connected Kamado grilling with the Konnected Joe from Kamado Joe last year, but the new grill from Broil King offers a big improvement. It has dual fuel capability with charcoal and wood pellets.

Similar in design to other pellet grills, the Keg Kamado has a pellet hopper on the side with an auger system to feed pellets into the grill. The fire pot sits below where you would load charcoal.

It’s a great addition to the smoker because it offers the choice to users who sometimes might prefer the flavor profile of burning wood pellets. It also is an efficient way to cook with pellets because of the insulation inherent in a Kamdo style grill.

The Keg Kamado is a versatile grill offering many different styles of cooking, including rotisserie. When you’re done cooking, Broil King has made cleaning easy through a removeable ash pan at the bottom of the grill.

The release date and pricing hasn’t been announced yet for the new grill.

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