Miller Lite Partners with Big Green Egg on the Big Green Kegg

What’s better than having a Big Green Egg to cook with in the summer months? Having another Big Green Egg to store a keg of beer! I’m not talking fantasy either, Miller Lite has partnered with Big Green Egg on a limited release of the Big Green Kegg.

Beer and grilling are a natural pairing. What’s better than flipping a burger or smoking a brat with a beer in hand? That’s why we created the ultimate sidekick for your grill. While you’re grilling at the perfect heat, the Big Green Kegg keeps the great taste of Miller Lite ice cold so Griller Time always tastes like Miller Time.

Anne Pando, Director of Marketing for Miller Lite

The Big Green Egg has been converted to hold a 1/4 barrel keg, and has a custom tap handle sticking out of the top of it. Any other grill would either rust, or struggle to keep the keg cold.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg and a Big Green Egg
Miller Lite Big Green Kegg and a Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is different though, which is why people love the brand. They can be used in any weather, and with their high quality ceramics, they hold temperatures amazingly well.

If you want one, I’d suggest being ready to pull the trigger as soon as they go on sale. Big Green Egg has an extremely passionate fanbase of “EGGheads”. Of course, Miller Lite is also iconic in its own right.

The Miller Lite Big Green Kegg will be available for 21+ fans to purchase beginning on Tuesday, 5/28 at A limited quantity of Big Green Keggs will be available for purchase for three days only on 5/28, 5/29, and 5/30 for $350 while supplies last. Make sure to set a reminder in your calendar.

Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Burned Handle
Miller Lite Big Green Kegg Burned Handle

If you aren’t lucky enough to buy one, maybe you’ll be luck enough to win one. Beginning May 30, 21+ fans can visit for a chance to win a Big Green Kegg in time for the Fourth of July.

Miller Lite and Grilling

While Miller Lite and grilling often go together all summer long, Miller Lite has also been doing unique marketing campaigns every year to kick off the summer. In past years they’ve have beer flavored charcoal known as Beercoal, and a Grill Share program in New York City.

Miller Lite Beercoal PR

Add the Big Green Kegg to list of great marketing ideas for the beer brand. They’re not stopping there either. They have more grilling tie-ins planned.

Miller Lite is also releasing a new line of grilling merchandise, media integrations with BBQ Brawl, American Barbecue Showdown, and Top Chef VIP. Also, look for them on social media as they’ll be working with grilling content creators to create a line of Miller Lite-infused recipes..


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