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Miller Lite is Back With Another Grill Based Marketing Campaign

Building off of their beer infused charcoal, known as Beercoal, Miller Lite is back with another grill based marketing campaign. This time it’s with grill rental pop-ups in New York and Chicago.

Much like Citi Bikes, the Miller Lite “Grill Share” is a program where you can reserve a limited-edition Miller Lite Grill with a spatula, apron folding beach chair with an umbrella and a $25 gift card. To take part in this unique opportunity you can sign up online or by visiting a Grill Share location, scanning a QR code and entering your information.

According to the press release, the grills can be wheeled over to designated grill spot nearby or somewhere else you can safely enjoy it.

In the summer, there’s no better way to enjoy Miller Time than by gathering around a grill. That’s why Miller Lite is making it more accessible than ever to have a great-tasting grill-cooked meal. Whether you’re without a grill or looking for one more cookout, grab your friends, family and favorite foods and visit a Grill Share station. We’ll see you there!

Eric Wolfe, Marketing Manager for Miller Lite

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the grills look like charcoal grills with an offset smoker style smoke stack. Obviously this is just a marketing campaign, but it would be neat to try one of these out.

If you don’t live in New York or Chicago, you can enter to win a Miller Lite Grill nationwide. You have an opportunity to win starting August 8th through August 19th.

The Grill Share stations will open Friday, August 12th at 26 N 1st St. in Williamsburg and in Chicago at 320 S. Canal St. in the West Loop. It’s free and first come, first serve, so book your sport starting Thursday, August 11th. If you miss out on the promotion, it might be a little more practical to buy BioLite’s electric fire pit, the FirePit+ for your portable grill needs in the city.

Much like the Beercoal PR campaign, Grill Share was masterminded by the firm DDB Chicago.

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