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Miller Lite Beercoal is Back, but this Time with Kingsford’s Help

Last year Miller Lite released beercoal and it sold out within minutes. This summer they’ve brought it back, but with the leader in charcoal, Kingsford.

If you missed it last year, beercoal is charcoal that has Miller Lite beer flavors added to it. This year’s method sounds a little different than last year’s though. Last year they said Miller Lite was reduced to a concentrate then added to charcoal.

Maybe it’s Kingsford’s expertise at work, but this year the beercoal is described as made using Kingsford Original briquets and coating them with the same barley used in Miller Lite. That would give a different (better?) product.

Kingsford is the right partner for this marketing venture, as they have their own line of flavored briquettes, though beer flavor isn’t on the menu. If you’re curious how their flavored briquettes are made, we went into detail on how they created it.

If you want to try and snag some beercoal yourself, act fast. It can be found on Miller Lite’s website for $11.99 plus shipping and handling for a 4 lb bag. You must be 21 or older to purchase, despite it being non-alcoholic.

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