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Kingsford Launches Flavored Charcoal and Wood Pellet Line, Signature Flavors

In the race to compete in the charcoal and wood pellet market, Clorox (NYSE: CLX) subsidiary, Kingsford charcoal announced that it is launching a line of flavored charcoal, wood pellets and Flavor Booster for use in adding to pre-lit charcoal. The line, called Kingsford Signature Flavors, is made with 100% real spices and features the following flavors:

Garlic Onion Paprika: A savory, caramelized flavor featuring an earthy base of garlic paired with the mildly sweet notes of onion and warmth of paprika.

Basil Sage Thyme: A smooth, balanced flavor that channels a peppery blend of basil harmonized with mellow hits of herbaceous sage and earthy thyme.

Cumin Chili: A bold, smoky flavor built on a warm and hearty foundation of cumin with a spicy pick-me-up pop of chili heat.

Marketing director Ram Gopalakrishnan said:

We’re excited to bring this innovative, new offering to the category to help grillers create even more memorable experiences around the grill. Grilling is a sensory experience, and we’re taking it to a new level with the real spices of these Signature Flavors. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, Signature Flavors charcoal briquets, pellets and flavor boosters will level up any barbecue.

Kingsford Charcoal Press Release

The Kingsford Signature Flavors are available in sizes from two to 17 pounds at retailers nationwide. With Masterbuilt already making charcoal grilling easier with the Gravity Series, now you may not even have to season your meat thanks to Kingsford.

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