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Where Do Traeger Pellets Come From?

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With the recent news of the parent company of grill company Camp Chef buying a pellet manufacturer, we asked ourselves, “where do Traeger pellets come from”? It turns out they have wood pellet production facilities spread across the USA.

In total Traeger grills has 7 pellet production facilities in 5 different states with a total average yearly production of 193k tons of wood pellets and a maximum production capability of 248k tons of wood pellets, without any expansion. They average the most production from the state of Oregon with 57k tons of wood pellets per year, but the two facilities that can produce the most wood pellets are the VA and NY locations at 54k tons each.

Traeger acquired the NY facility in Q4 of 2020 and converted it from making heating pellets, while the VA facility wasn’t operational prior to then. Given this capacity, and some select contract manufacturers they use, they feel that their current production capabilities fits the needs of their business for the time being. With Traeger’s market share growth and the release of new grills, like the top of the line Timberline grill, we’ll see how long it take for them to need additional expansion.

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