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W.C. Bradley Co. Files for Trademark on Tahoma Grill

A trademark has been filed by W.C. Bradley Co. that may be the name of a new grill they have coming out. W.C. Bradley Co.’s main grill companies are Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s and now Pit Boss.

Update 1/11/24 – The Oklahoma Joe’s Tahoma has been launched, click the link for full details.

The name mark is Tahoma and it covers barbecue grills, barbecue smokers, barbecues and grills, charcoal grills, and fitted covers for barbecue grills. The fact that charcoal grill is called out makes us think it will land in Oklahoma Joe’s portfolio because they are more charcoal focused. They released multiple innovative charcoal grills this year.

It’s hard to speculate much more because the name Tahoma doesn’t give much away. It’s the name of a city and the name of a font type. Given that, Oklahoma Joe’s should make the Tahoma logo in the font Tahoma.

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