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Vista Outdoor Company Revelyst Announces Chief HR Officer

As Vista Outdoor continues to split into two separate companies, they continue to build out their executive teams. On the Revelyst side (formerly known as Outdoor Products) where Camp Sits, they’ve announced a new Chief Human Resources Officer to the team.

Joyce Butler joins Revelyst with a career spanning 25 years in multiple industries. Most recently she was the Chief Human Resources Office at Avid Technology, a tech and multimedia company.

One of the hallmarks of Revelyst is our intense focus on building a people-first culture emphasizing the power of teams and team building. Joyce is the right leader to help us drive and build that team-first mindset at Revelyst, as we redefine what is possible with our incredible brands. Her human resources expertise, coupled with the diverse, multi-industry background she brings to Revelyst, will help us ensure we build the right talent strategy needed to become the world’s No. 1 house of brands and an employer of choice in our industry.

Eric Nyman, CEO of Revelyst

Recently, Vista Outdoor has fended off an unsolicited acquisition offer to continue their path towards selling their Sporting Products division and taking Revelyst public. As a stand-alone entity, Joyce Butler joins the executive team currently consisting of Eric Nyman as CEO, Andy Keegan as CFO, and Jung Choi as General Counsel.

I’m thrilled to join the Revelyst team as we become a standalone company that’s brand-led, consumer-obsessed and maker-fueled. This is an incredibly exciting time for our people. I am passionate about helping companies build employee-first cultures, and I will ensure Revelyst invests in our people, brands and innovation to drive sustained, profitable growth and an extraordinary culture.

Joyce Butler, CHRO of Revelyst
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