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Brisk It Completely Innovates Smoke and Searing on a Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are great products to simplify the barbecue process. There are two common complaints though that companies are always trying to solve. They don’t get hot enough to sear and they don’t create enough smoke.

Grill newcomer, Brisk It, has an ingenious solution for both problems in their new NeoSear grill. Plus, it’s the first grill to use generative AI to make cooking even easier.

The new Brisk It NeoSear Hybrid InnoGrill 2.0 offers an unprecedented grilling experience thanks to the industry’s first real-time A.I. grilling assistant. Equipped with our most advanced machine
learning system in cooking to date, NeoSear’s InnoGrill 2.0 A.I. redefines convenience, precision, and automation for outdoor grilling. Our new NeoSear grill allows anyone no matter their cooking skill level to grill perfectly using the most advanced and intuitive technology available to date. Imagine speaking with your grill, saying anything that you can think of, and then having the grill creating and cooking the perfect customized recipe all on it’s own. InnoGrill 2.0 empowers users to use their imagination to cook anything and everything with ease.”

Christopher Huang, Brisk It CEO

Pellet Electric Hybrid Grill

A hybrid grill is one that has more than one cooking method within the cook chamber. We’ve seen many iterations of hybrid pellet grills over the past couple of years. Brisk It has come at it from a completely unique angle though, with electricity.

Their NeoSear grill has an electric heating element in addition to a pellet fire pot. Why this is such a great idea for a hybrid is it gives extra power for searing, and it can be used for more smoke generation.

Brisk It NeoSear Grill with InnoGrill 2.0 Front
Brisk It NeoSear Grill with InnoGrill 2.0 Front

Searing and Better Recovery

With a pellet grill, you already have to have a power source for the controller and auger, which doesn’t take much. Why not maximize the use of the supplied power for heating?

Brisk It NeoSear Grill Glowing Electric Coil for Heating
Brisk It NeoSear Grill Glowing Electric Coil for Heating

That’s what Brisk It did with the NeoSear. The electric heating element in conjunction with the pellet fire pot will heat the grill up quicker, and allow much higher temperatures than pellets alone.

While full specs haven’t been released, in the product photos supplied to us the grill is shown at 700° F. That’s a great temperature for searing steaks.

Brisk It NeoSear Grill Searing Temps
Brisk It NeoSear Grill Searing Temps

One capability we’d love to see is a really low minimum temperature. Pellet grills usually have a “Keep Warm” function in the low 160°’s F, but we’d like the ability to go to 140° F to 145° F. That would be good for long rests at a food safe temperature after a cook.

More Smoke

Not only does the addition of an electric heating element allow for higher and quicker temps, it also allows for more smoke generation. It’s a really smart solution, because it decouples the primary functions of a pellet grill.

On a normal pellet grill, the pellet fire is used for heat generation and smoke. When the temperatures get hotter though, the pellet grill feeds in more air, which creates a cleaner, hotter combustion. That’s why when people want smoke flavor, they usually turn their temps down really low to get the smoldering pellets.

Brisk It NeoSear Grill Smoking
Brisk It NeoSear Grill Smoking

The NeoSear can use the electric heat element for heat though, so the pellet fire can be used just to control smoke levels. This mean that at higher temperatures, you can still get good smoke.

Our only concern with using an electric heat element directly below the cooking grates in barbecue is the amount of fat that will contact it. We’re not sure if there will be flare-ups or if it’s effectiveness will decrease once it’s covered in grease. We’d imagine that Brisk It has planned and tested for this, so we’ll see when it’s released.

Generative AI

The hybrid style cooking isn’t the only think to be excited about on the new Brisk It NeoSear. It also has the most advanced generative AI technology on a grill platform to make cooking even easier.

Brisk It NeoSear Grill with InnoGrill 2.0
Brisk It NeoSear Grill with InnoGrill 2.0

They call their AI virtual assistant InnoGrill 2.0, and it can interact with users with freeform dialogue. That means you can talk to it like you would a friend in order for it to create or alter recipes, and modify cooks at a moments notice. Below are examples of possible interactions that the grill will understand and adjust accordingly.

  • “What’s the best way to reverse sear a NY Strip Steak?”
  • “I want to smoke some Baby Back Ribs with a Texas rub.”
  • “Add more garlic to the rub.”
  • “Change the method to be a 3-2-1 method.”
  • “I want the food to be ready sooner.”

The recipes or modifications to a cook can then be downloaded onto the NeoSear grill. This makes the cooking process much easier for newcomers and experts alike.

Coming Soon

The Brisk It NeoSear was one of the many grill launches at CES this year. There is not a firm release date yet for the grill, but it will be in the near future. We’ll keep you updated when full details are released.

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