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The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 6/3/23

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We started the week with big news that Blackstone is getting into the modular outdoor kitchen market. They have a range of outdoor kitchen islands and a new premium griddle to pair with them. They also are coming out with two pavilions to protect you from the elements while cooking, those are our favorites.

Keeping with outdoor kitchens, Coyote has teamed-up with Jet Tila and Robyn “GrillGirl” Lindars to get the word out about their pellet grill. It’s an all stainless grill that’s designed for outdoor kitchens, with an impressive temperature temperature range.

Pit Boss updated their griddle line-up with new Gen 2 griddles. It’s mainly a style upgrade with blue branding and knobs from their Ultimate Griddles. They are also offering ceramic coated griddle tops as an add-on.

While we haven’t written anything on it yet, we’re getting suspicious that Pit Boss is discontinuing their Ultimate Griddles. They’re out of stock in a number of sizes, and with the ceramic coated griddle top being offered as an add-on to their new griddles, it may make the Ultimate series obsolete. We’ll keep an eye on it.

If you’ve ever thought that your Weber kettle would make a great fire pit, you’re not alone. The founder of YAK Grills has launched an Indiegogo campaign for a Weber kettle fire pit conversion, called the KettlePit. It comes with shorter legs and a powder coated steel surround.

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