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The Pit Boss Savannah – Onyx Edition is Released

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With winter in full-swing, we’re starting to see new grills coming out in preparation for spring. Nexgrill teased a cool hybrid grill earlier this week, and now Pit Boss has released sleek new pellet grill, the Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition.

As a heads-up, in the teaser videos for this grill Pit Boss says it’s coming Spring 2023. It’s very much still winter here in Michigan and it’s available for pickup at our local Walmart.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $597 (check price) – available exclusively at Walmart
  • 1,507 square inches of cooking space, with three tiers of cooking
  • Temp range of 180°F – 500°F
  • Removable burn pot for easy cleaning
  • Flame Broiler Lever – we tested the flame broiler feature on a different Pit Boss grill
  • 28 lb pellet hopper capacity
  • 2 meat probe ports and 2 meat probes included
  • Folding front shelf and fixed side shelf

What We Like

The Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition is a great looking grill. With it’s matte black finish it looks more like a Louisiana Grills product.

It has a ton of cooking space to cook for a party and it’s nice that it comes with 2 meat probes, instead of the usual 1 meat probe. It’s also nice that it has an easier way to clean ash out of the grill with the removeable burn pot.

Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition Ash Clean Out
Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition Ash Clean Out

What We Don’t Like

The controller on this grill looks really nice, but it doesn’t have any phone connectivity. More and more grills are coming out with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the point that it’s starting to feel like a minimum requirement. We’d want to buy a ThermoWorks Signals to be able to check temps on the go.

Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition Controller
Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition Controller


The look of this grill really makes it stand out from the pack. It’s priced well at $597, especially when you consider how much cooking area it offers. It’s a great option for a big grill, and would get our money over the cheaper Pit Boss Austin XL.

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