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Dansons Folds Country Smokers into Pit Boss

Dansons, the parent company of Pit Boss had three different grill brands. Louisiana Grills was the flagship, Pit Boss the mid-tier (which just released a new grill), and Country Smokers we’d slate just under Pit Boss. They also seemed to focus more more on grills for camping.

Now, it appears that the Country Smokers brand has been trimmed down and is a label under Pit Boss. If you go to the website that used to be for Country Smokers (https://www.countrysmokers.com), it just is a redirect to Pit Boss, with a Country Smokers Product page.

They also got rid of all full-size pellet grills and just offer a tabletop pellet grill, a 2-burner griddle and a 4-burner griddle.

It makes sense for Dansons to trim down their offerings. With all of their retail exclusives at Pit Boss alone, they have quite a few SKUs. We’ll see if they continue as a smaller brand under Pit Boss, or if Country Smokers closes for good.

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