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The Camp Chef Apex Pellet and Dual Fuel Grills are Released

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We’ve been waiting for a while, but we’re happy to say that the Camp Chef Apex has been released. Today the announcement for the Apex showed up on Camp Chef’s website (click for the product page) showing the day that it’s available for purchase as June 27th, 2022.


For anyone not familiar with the Apex, it’s a dual fuel grill that can run off wood pellets and gas. That’s perfect for anyone that’s looking for an easy way to sear, a common complaint with some pellet grills. What was surprising to us with the official release is it’s also sold just as a pellet grill (no gas option). We’d always seen it billed as dual fuel.


  • Two size options, the Apex 24 and the Apex 36 – Click the links to check pricing
  • The Apex with the gas kit can be used as a gas grill, with each burner having 9,000 BTUs of power
  • The Apex with the gas kit can reach temperatures of 650 degrees F
  • The Apex with gas kit can use Camp Chef Sidekick accessories for a side burner, pizza oven or griddle
  • Double walled lid with gaskets in the front and back to hold temperatures and make a grill blanket not necessary in the cold weather
  • Smoke is designed to go up the sides of the grill, with an exhaust in the rear for even temperature distribution and even smoke
  • Large 30 lb pellet hopper with low pellet sensor
  • 4 wired temperature probes with a storage compartment for them
  • Interior grill lights
  • The grease tray slides out the front, without the need to remove grill grates and there is a removeable ash cleanout cup

Our Take

We like the innovation of the Camp Chef Apex, particularly with the gas kit. It has great performance features and a ton of versatility, especially with the Sidekick accessories. The only thing we get hung up on is the price. The base, pellet grill only model is $1,699, which puts it more expensive than the recteq 1070, the Traeger Ironwood, or anything that Pit Boss makes. It’s also almost twice as much as the Camp Chef Woodwind.

Once they release pricing for the 36″ model with a gas kit and a Sidekick, it will likely be up there in price with the Traeger Timberline XL. That’s not to say that it’s not a great grill, or that it’s not worth the money. The features are as good as any grill out there, it just makes the buying decision tougher. With all that the Apex can do though, there’s a good case to be made that it will come out on top.

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