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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 8/27/22

College football is already here! Can you believe it? We’re going to celebrate by testing out a new tailgate grill, the creatively named Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill. UPS dropped it off today and we’ll have a review in the coming weeks.

If you’re in the market for a portable griddle, check out our new review of the 2 burner Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle. With its ability to lift off its cart, it’s perfect for cooking at home or away.

In other portable cooking news, make sure you pack a rechargeable 1 lb propane tank if you’re going camping in California. This week their bill to ban the small, single use tanks progressed and looks like it will become law.

A different option is the first battery powered pellet grill that was announced. Halo is taking pre-orders for the Prime 300 portable pellet grill. It looks like a nice pellet grill, but it’s pricey at $499.99 and it doesn’t come with the aforementioned battery.

If you were hoping to buy some stock in Blackstone once they IPO’d, you might be out of luck. They’re fighting with their SPAC partner over $200k and it looks like the deal could be dead.

It’s a sign of the times with how the outdoor cooking industry is right now. With sales down, Camp Chef is looking to move inventory by opening an outlet and Weber has turned over their President, Americas role twice in a year.

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