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Manufacturing Constraints Led to Blackstone’s Pizza Oven’s Demise

There is a lot of excitement about new pizza oven products being released from Blackstone. They released a pizza oven conversion for their tabletop griddles and have plans to release a standalone model. All of that excitement begs the questions, what happened to Blackstone’s previous pizza oven?

Blackstone released a pizza oven in 2015 called the Patio Oven, that had a loyal following. It had a fixed upper stone and a rotating lower stone, for even cooking. Then, with no explanation, it went away. This led to speculation online that there were quality issues or it didn’t sell well. Now, thanks to an article on Blackstone’s website, we know what happened.

Even though the pizza oven was popular, the griddle business was even more popular. While Blackstone’s partner and part owner, North Atlantic Imports, provides dedicated manufacturing in China, it wasn’t enough to support both products. This led to Blackstone prioritizing the manufacturing space for griddle production and putting the pizza oven on hold.

A new, updated pizza oven model is coming, but the release date hasn’t been determined. The global supply issues have prevented Blackstone from announcing it. It will likely be in 2022 though, so stay tuned.

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