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Kingsford Cuts 62 Kentucky Jobs, Idles Briquetting and Packaging Lines

Clorox has been struggling recently with their Kingsford brand. The loss of market share due to increased competition and pricing issues was the topic of conversation on their last earnings call.

As a result of their struggles, they’ve announced today that they’ll be cutting 62 jobs in Summer Shade, KY, according to an article in Bloomberg. Due to excess capacity they’ve decided “to idle indefinitely the briquetting and packaging lines”. Clorox will try to fill other open position with the affected staff.

While the briquetting and packaging is going away in Summer Shade, the plant will still maintain other functions like charring and distribution. The planned change is scheduled to happen in August.

The longtime charcoal stalwart, who recently boasted an 80% share of the market, has seen a spike in competitors recently. Not only are there more charcoal options than ever, their competitors are having success with distribution.

The Home Depot has recently started carrying premium charcoal brands like FOGO and Jealous Devil. Even away from hardware stores, Target and Kroger have broadened their charcoal offerings.

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