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The Good Charcoal to Sell at Dallas-Fort Worth Kroger Stores

The Good Charcoal has continued to expand expand their distribution and store count. They recently expanded to Target stores, and just in time for the 4th of July, now they’re going to be in Kroger stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The new retail partner will expand The Good Charcoal’s store count by 119 stores. The Acacia lump charcoal will be sold in 8 lb bags with prices beginning at $8.99 per bag.

Good Charcoal

What makes the charcoal “good”, as we learned in our interview with co-founder Ben Jablonski, is threefold. The Good Charcoal Company wants to offer the best-made, chemical-free hardwood lump charcoal in the US, feed Americans experiencing food insecurity, and help the environmental and economic conditions of Namibia.

The lump charcoal is made from acacia bushes in Namibia, which are an invasive species. Turning it into charcoal is beneficial for restoring grassland.

Not only is it beneficial for Namibia, Acacia is a good wood to use for charcoal. It’s denser than oak and hickory, so it burns hotter, cleaner and more evenly. We’ve grilled with it before and it works well. It yields a mild flavor, so you can cook longer with it without overpowering your food.

Increased Competition

Kingsford has been feeling the heat from increased competition. While companies like The Good Charcoal, Royal Oak, B&B, Jealous Devil and others adding stores, it’s making a dent in Kingsford’s dominant market share. They aren’t ready to sound the alarm bells yet, but it was the subject of conversation on the last earnings call for their parent Clorox.

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