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Hestan Has a New Outdoor Living Suite with the Campania Pizza Oven

We’re seeing an increase in outdoor kitchen options this year. Blackstone just released a new modular outdoor kitchen, complete with pavilions. If you’re looking at ultra-premium options, Hestan just announced a new Outdoor Living Suite.

The new expansion to the Outdoor Living Suite line includes a spot for the Campania Pizza Oven that Hestan released last year.

We’re excited for the expansion of the Outdoor Living Suite product line. These products are designed to help you create your dream outdoor kitchen space, and we want them to take advantage of all the best Hestan has to offer.

Basil Larkin, SVP of Sales at Hestan

The new Outdoor Living Suite with Campania Pizza Oven option is 12′ long and is available in 6 different configurations. They’ll accommodate a 42″ built-in grill along with refrigeration, and customizable countertop and color options.

As seen in the featured image, refrigeration in this case can mean a beer dispenser. That gives you a beer tap, pizza and grilled meat. What more could you ask for?

The unit includes waterproof outlets throughout to give power to various tools and devices. It also includes a single-point gas and electrical connection to streamline delivery.

Like you’d expect from Hestan, the Outdoor Living Suite has a body constructed of heavy-gauge, welded stainless steel. That makes it more than capable of handling anything mother nature can throw at it.

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