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Grilla Grills Leans into Outdoor Kitchens – Releases a New Fridge

While other companies have started to catch on to the trend, a differentiator for Grilla Grills is they have a modular outdoor kitchen line. They offer a variety of cabinet configurations, grills, a sink, and now they just released a new refrigerator.

Features and Specs

  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Has a porcelain countertop that’s resistant to UV, heat, water, and stains
  • Adjustable leveling feet to make it seamlessly fit in with you outdoor kitchen setup
  • Holds up to 50 12 oz cans
  • Features a revised vent design and a Grilla logo on the front glass

New Kitchen Bundles

With the release of the new fridge, two new bundles have been added to Grilla Grills’ website. The first bundle is a 31.5″ cabinet, a grill cabinet (pellet or charcoal), a 19.5″ cabinet and the new fridge. It carries a retail price of $3,596.99, but both this bundle and the second often go on sale.

Grilla Grills New Kitchen Bundle 2
Grilla Grills New Kitchen Bundle 2

The second new bundle has the same cabinet configuration as the first, but swaps the grill cabinet for one that fits the Primate gas grill. It has a retail price of $3,596, so you save $0.99 off the first bundle.

New Website

As Grilla Grills continues their growth plan, they’ve redesigned their website. They’re a completely DTC brand for the time being, so having a great looking and functioning website is key to sales. The new website has a more polished look than the older one, and a better menu layout.

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