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CPM Releases Efficient Pellet Mill that Saves 240,000 KWH Per Year

California Pellet Mill (CPM), a manufacturer of pellet mills for wood pellet production, released a high efficiency pellet mill today. Their patent pending technology, Twin Track, advertises energy savings of 240,000 KWH per year per pellet mill and a reduction in CO2 emissions. That’s beneficial not only for the environment, but also operating expenses.

As many pellet grill companies are vertically integrating, the benefits will be music to their ears. Just last year, Dansons, the parent company of Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills and Country Smokers opened the largest BBQ pellet operation in the country and are in the process of adding operations in Georgia and Oregon. Similarly, Camp Chef purchased a pellet manufacturer Fiber Energy Products last year and Traeger has been expanding their operations as well.

The technological improvement to the mill, as CPM describes it, is Twin Track uses two rollers and, uniquely, each roller has its own track. Their system pushes pellets with one long, energy-efficient push per die revolution. This means less energy (in kWh/t) is needed to create the pellet with Twin Track than with 2 or 3-roller machines – which push 2 or 3 times per revolution. They’ve also increased the number of holes in each die by 43%, which yields much more pellets per revolution.

When Twin Track is integrated with your line, you can tune operations to reduce energy consumption, and/or see greater pellet output depending on your needs. Other benefits of the new technology are more consistent pellet quality and less wear on dies and rollers, resulting in lower maintenance costs and higher TCO.

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