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Possible New COOKHOUSE Wood Pellet, Charcoal and Grill Accessory Line

Dansons, the parent company of Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills and Country Smokers appears to be planning to release a new line of pellets, charcoal and grill accessories called COOKHOUSE. This is all rumor at this point, similar to our Traeger rumors.

We can’t confirm what brand it’s for, but Dansons filed for the word trademark COOKHOUSE back in mid-January. The description encompasses quite a bit of products, so we would speculate that they’ll use it as a brand name underneath Pit Boss, Louisiana Grill or Country Smokers. It includes pellets, lump charcoal, grills, and just about every grill accessory that you can think of.

Dansons has been quickly growing their pellet production capacity with opening the biggest mill in the country last year, and two more facilities under construction. It’s possible that the new COOKHOUSE brand is related to their new pellet production. It’s also all rumor at this point, so it’s possible that they changed their minds and nothing will come of the new name.

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