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Camp Chef Releases New Propane Fire Pits

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As we were anticipating, Camp Chef released a new line of fire pits. Unlike other popular offerings on the market that use wood for fuel, the whole line uses propane as a fuel with adjustable flame control.

The smallest fire pit is the named the Juniper, is 16 inches in diameter, has an heat output of 55,000 BTUs and comes equipped with spring loaded folding legs. This is a great size and design to easily pack for camping, when you don’t want to worry about finding kindling or chopping wood for a fire.

Next up is the Redwood fire pit. The Redwood is a little bigger and more powerful at 18 inches in diameter and with an output of 64,000 BTUs. As the medium sized model in the line-up, it lacks the folding legs of the Juniper.

Camp Chef decided to buck the tree themed names for the biggest model and named it the Ponderosa, after the famed Lake Tahoe ranch in the television show Bonanza. We made that last part up, but it’s what we think of when we hear Ponderosa and it’s a better story than being named after a buffet franchise. The Ponderosa is 24 inches in diameter and has the same output as the Redwood, at 64,000 BTUs. With its size, this model would work well as a backyard fire pit or if you’re not worried about portability to take camping.

Now that Camp Chef has released their line of fire pits, will we see the Apex dual fuel grill in the coming days?

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