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Vista Outdoor’s Outdoor Products CEO Starts – Compensation Revealed

As we covered previously, Vista Outdoor has appointed Eric Nyman as CEO of their Outdoor Products company. He started his position this week, and his compensation details were revealed in an SEC filing.

He has an employment agreement with an initial term of four years. Below is the breakdown of his compensation package.

  • Base salary of $1.2 million
  • Annual target bonus equal to $1.2 million, with a maximum of $2.4 million
  • Annual equity awards equal to $4.8 million in value at the grant date, with a three year vesting
  • A sign-on grant of restricted stock units equal to $3.0 million with a three year vesting period.

It’s a compensation package that sets the bar ahead of that of Weber’s CEO, or Traeger’s, who doesn’t take a salary. It’s not a pure apples to apples comparison though, since the Outdoor Products company has just one grill brand under its umbrella.

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