Traeger to Release a Pizza Oven Accessory for the Timberline XL?

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When Traeger announced their redesigned Timberline XL last spring, part of their presentation was a pizza oven accessory. It was advertised to be made available later in the year.

That release never came to fruition though, and all mention of the pizza oven accessory was removed from their website. This led it to make our list of products announced in 2022, but never released. Of course, it was a bad year for the grilling industry, so the timing may not have been right for Traeger to release it.

Release Rumor

This is rumor, but we think we will see the pizza oven accessory yet. There were reports of it being on display at the spoga+gafa outdoor expo in Cologne, Germany earlier this month.

We’ve also heard that beta testers have been using the accessory for further development. This would all point to a release of the accessory, and possibly soon.

Traeger Pizza Oven

While on the surface the pizza oven accessory looks similar to others, it’s more innovative than that. It appears to have a temperature probe wired into the top of the hood, rather than being completely passive, like the one from Masterbuilt.

We’ll see if that’s just for reading temperature, like a meat probe, or for control of the grill. If it’s the cook chamber temperature probe, it could allow temperatures higher than 500° F underneath the hood.

That’s in addition to the size of it allowing for two pizzas side-by-side. It’s a nice feature to use all the real estate of the large Timberline XL grill.


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