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The Limited Run Blackstone Tabletop Pizza Oven isn’t so Limited – In Stock

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As we reported earlier this year, Blackstone released a pizza oven for their 22″ tabletop griddle models. The pizza oven was sold exclusively through Walmart and was advertised as having limited quantities. Not surprisingly, it sold out very quickly. It appears now though that the quantities aren’t so limited, as it’s back in stock at Walmart (check price).

This is the only pizza oven that they currently offer, even though that will change. They have plans to release a new standalone model sometime in 2022.

If you can’t wait for the standalone model, or just want the conversion kit for your tabletop griddle, you should act fast. We can see from US import records that there are a flow of tabletop pizza ovens coming, but these sell fast. Add to that supply challenges that led to Blackstone’s previous pizza oven’s demise, and you could miss out.

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